Union Sound x Vinyl Index – Social Absence by Cliff Notez & Dephrase (Wild Splatter Vinyl)

Emerging Boston artists Cliff Notez (Hipstory) and Dephrase (Optic Bloom) join forces to create Social Absence – a colorful, time-shifting, emotionally charged sonic experience.

Allston Pudding writer Harry Gustafson describes the duo, “Cliff’s clever and enigmatic scene-setting, and introspective questioning mixed with Dephrase’s penchant for loose-fitting, dynamic beats that pull from a bevy of electronic subgenres.”

This is the first vinyl pressing by beat-centric label Union Sound, and Somerville-based record store Vinyl Index. The two began working closely together after opening adjacent storefronts at Bow Market, and continue to collaborate on releases and projects.

The vinyl includes an exclusive bonus track (“Mama Said”) and a special instrumental version of the EP with a few surprises. The Wild Splatter vinyl edition is limited to 100 copies worldwide, and is only available by pre-order.

Expected shipping: December 2020.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 1.5 in

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