If you’re already selling on MusicSpace, you can make even more money by recommending others to sign up.

+ Apply for a MusicSpace+ code.

+ Spread the word about MusicSpace and have new users register with your MusicSpace+ code.

+ When your referral starts selling on MusicSpace, we share our commission with you 50/50, up to $50.

MusicSpace allows artists to sell directly to fans for free.


Wait a minute, what’s the catch, where’s the small print?

1. You must already be registered on MusicSpace to receive a MusicSpace+ code.

2. You must be 18+ and live in the United States.

3. You will need a PayPal or Venmo account to receive your commission.

4. The new account must not be a direct-off-shoot from your current account. example: Your band account cannot be classed as a referral to your solo project account.

5. You can recommend up to 15 new user accounts.

6. You’re still reading this?

7. Point number 7 seems a good time to stop this small print-game. Register for a MusicSpace+ code now.