The Ballroom Thieves


“A rock band in a folk suit,” The Ballroom Thieves – Calin “Callie” Peters, Martin Earley, and Devin Mauch – released Unlovely on Nettwerk Records. With subject matters ranging from female empowerment to love in a committed relationship to their fury about the state of American politics, the album is the distillation of the band’s personal and political passions. Songs like “Vanity Trip” and title track “Unlovely” boil over with exasperation, in protest of today’s status quo. As the first album entirely co-written by Peters and Earley, Unlovely is also a tangible reflection of their evolution from band members to life partners, as heard in songs like “Love Is Easy.” Unlovely maintains the recognizable, nostalgia-tinged sound of previous outputs while pushing a heightened brashness. Since the release of their first EP and debut full-length, The Ballroom Thieves have consistently and skillfully crossed genres to bridge the gap between folk, rock, and soul. It’s their unique brand of powerful and harmonious music, while never shying away from topics and ideas they are passionate about, that has charmed fans around the country, while gaining a loyal live following and selling out shows.