Marquis Filthy


Marquis Filthy, a 23 year old Boston rap artist, believes in creating authentic music that preserves the culture of hip hop and propels it into a direction that influences listeners to capture their passions. “Filthy” stands as an acronym for Fresh, Inspiring, Love, Truth, Honesty, Youth. Marquis Filthy sets himself apart from all the rest with his combination of an intellectual mind paired with a creative, eager heart.

Releasing his debut project The Glo Up in October 2016, Marquis Filthy and Plan A members are busy promoting his hard work, and they continue overcoming the odds of breaking into the industry without shame or fear. Plan A consists of creative individuals who share the same vision and values, along with Filthy’s family.

Marquis Filthy has always been surrounded by musicians and entrepreneurs, including his father, a former local rapper and his mother, a former owner of a dance company. After declining his acceptance to college , Marquis Filthy embarked on this journey to follow his passion for music, his “Plan A.” He is perpetually learning from his environment, inspired by the people from his past and present who offer perspectives that encourage him to appreciate what he has, question what he knows, and to always aspire for more. Basing his musical foundation off of his own life, Marquis Filthy strives to show his listeners the adversity he has overcome in his own life, inspiring them to believe that they can thrive, too. His dedication and loyalty to his roots is found in every track.

In an industry with artists who sometimes fail to value and positively use the platform they are given, Marquis Filthy expresses the complexity of his experiences through his music, influencing others to speak their truths and maintain their drive despite the struggle they will encounter along the way.