Lord Felix


Lord Felix—who mystifies his audience with his concealed identity under a reflective visor— has emerged in the music scene as an underground emblem of non-conformist and experimental sound. Creatively stimulated by the emotional turmoil of his first heartbreak, the Massachusetts native began to pen music as a therapeutic outlet to hone in on his previously untapped musical abilities. In veiling his outward appearance, listeners are compelled to discover his true form through his lyrics and melodies.

With a mystique unmatched by his peers, Lord Felix capitalizes on the secrecy behind his persona as a chameleon adapting to the current musical landscape. Utilizing life’s lessons, the masked enigma creates his own world with testimonies of unspoken truths and an anarchy of sounds. Garnering the attention of musical giants like Complex, The New Yorker, and Lyrical Lemonade, Lord Felix has propelled himself into the spotlight, piquing the music world’s interest.