Jefe Replay


Jefe Replay is a hip-hop artist from Roxbury, MA and CEO of PMF Productions. Replay began making music in high school and it did not take long for the city of Boston to take notice. His perfectionist tendencies and ability to deliver bars with unapologetic emotion displays raw musical versatility.

Jefe’s debut album, Proper Finessements, was strategically released on 02/1/19 to align with the Roxbury zip code. Replay represents 02119 with pride and credits the notoriously violent environment for cultivating him into the hustler and visionary he is today. The album paints a complete picture of the Model, Artist, CEO, & details the struggles he has overcome. Finessements proves that it doesn’t matter what your situation is, if you believe in your ability & remain ambitious, truly anything is attainable. More simply, Proper Finessements is a story about a kid from Boston who refused to give up.